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Blockchain genetics company DNAtix partners with Mapmygenome to further digitized genetics in the Indian marketplace

Hyderabad based Mapmygenome is partnering with Digital DNAtix Ltd. of Israel on blockchain technology to allow Indian consumers to anonymously transfer their DNA sequences on to the DNAtix  genetics platform and use it to make informed health decisions. 

Mapmygenome, a personal genomics company offers tests in oncology, cardiology,metabolic disorders,  pharmacogenomics and diagnostic tests for tuberculosis.  The company is one of the leaders in India in the lifestyles, fitness and disease management space. Earlier this year, Mapmygenome announced a partnership with ThinkGenetic to provide access to American Board of Genetic Counselors(ABGC) certified genetic counelors for patients in India living with genetic conditions and have questions about their health conditions. 

Learn more about the DNAtix collaboration here.